Tell me how to change ip?

It looks like my ip was banned.

Tell me how do I change the correct IP?
Clean cookies and change device?

Or just insert a new ip address?

Thanks you!

Clearing cookies and changing device ID will not change your IP.

You can change your IP by using a proxy.

If you’re using your home IP atm, sometimes you can change your IP by restarting your router.

Thank! I understand that IP I can only change when I change the proxy.
You can help me how to reset the device and cookies. IP, I know how to change this, my translator translated it so, I apologize)

Go to Social Profiles, select account, click Action On Selected Profiles button on the bottom of the section and there you will see under Instagram actions - Reset device ids option and under general actions - clear cookies option. This is if you want to reset device IDs and clear cookies.

And before changing proxy / IP address, you need to stop that account for 2-3 days to make the switch safer.

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Are you you on broadband? If so, you can unplug your router for 10 minutes(up to 24 hours), and when you plug it back in you will get a new IP.

Thank you, I know how to change the proxy, went buy new ones)