Tell me how to fix this login error?

I cleaned cookies, ip, changed the device.

And now I can’t log into the account, but manually enters the browser.

How to solve the problem?


Hey @pozitiv! Did you add the credentials before you click on verify account? What social network is this?

Hi, I even logged in and confirmed in the browser. Instagram.

Are you sure that you are using the latest Jarvee version?


There has been a similar issue for which they released a fix in the latest update.


I’m still having the issue with :frowning:

You should go to your proxy manager tab,

if you have that option checked, you need to either add a proxy to your account or uncheck that option to be able to verify your account.

Is checked and all my accounts have a valid proxy, thank you anyway!

I have the same error on a few of my accounts too

Are you on Windows Server 2012?

Same here! Annoying error. Can’t add scrapers!

that’s strange. there was an issue about adding a new account, but it was fixed two weeks ago. Did you contact support? If so, what did they say?

you should check with the support, I had the same issue 10 days ago and i contacted them about it, they have released an update that fixed it.

It’s okay now :slight_smile:

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