Tell me what i do wrong

3 day ago i creat a new accts each accts with frech ip from my country ( DZ)
and ysterday i lanch 45 accts of them in the software
day 1 -50 like
today 50 like 50 follow and i got 14 accts pv
i use private proxys with 3 accts per proxy ( proxy from USA)
so what i do wrong or it just natural any accts frech need pv
all the accts are without profil picture and without bio or post

It’s probably the way you create the accounts that caused the massive failures, how did you create them?

Did u use memu emulator or use phones to create those accounts ? You also ought to let them age longer before adding to MP

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This is exactly the problem. They are WAY to new. Either give them 1 week, ideally 2 to just get some age or try 1-5 likes for a few days, then 1-5 follows for the next few. You went way to fast for brand new accounts imo.


i d’ont think like this
yes you are right
for the creation i use browser + rotator ip ( browser i clean the cash each time)

ok i d’ont know that
thank you sir

It’s not safe enough. They can still see some other info.

It would be better if you used your phone to create the accounts than the way you did it.

Check how others are doing it:


If you are a MassPlanner User you can start creating accounts directly in the browser ( this is what I do and have ~60 % success rate )

You can also create facebook accounts and after that create the Instagram accounts using them.


Dont you get prompted that something went wrong?

As said, I have around 60% success rate, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Most of the time I think its because of the proxy detection and headers.

In my personal case I didn’t changed the header settings in MassPlanner, but I do have good ( not great proxies )

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what do you do when you fail to create an account with proxy ? use it on other platform or … ?

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Yes also that i d’ont know
i think ig just know our ip and browser type (mozilla . chrome … )
thank you fore the information
i will read all what i can about this subject

for me i creat them with a rotator proxy and move them to proxy
so i d’ont know if this is good
because i can creat just 1 accts per proxy
and i use 3 accts per proxy so i use my methode