Temp blocks What do you do?

hey guys, just wanted to ask - been having a little trouble with Temp blocks still.

I have tried relogin and follow. it sometimes works, but then 2 of my accounts will eventually run into it again. I’ve also dropped down warm up but when it gets to build up and gets to about 50 follows it will get the temp block… I am on scraper and only EB.

What do you guys do to fix this???

Do anyone use the auto logout?
How many times should you sue the “relogin and follow” action?
Also anyone set their contextual to 100% only? Contextual works better but eventually temp block again and using about 50-60% right now…

Many thanks

You need to make sure that you have a maximum of 3 accounts per proxy and that’s 4G proxies.

I think that you should switch to API full emulation, AFE+Slave/Main+contextual actions, and stop the tool when getting temporary blocked should help as well.

keep in mind that switching between EB and API is helpful even if you don’t get any blocks

One more thing, you need to make sure that you don’t log in to your account from phone (you or your clients)

If you keep getting blocked, stopping the accounts for a few days might be very helpful as well

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Bro what’s the standard procedure of switching from EB to AFE?

Running API and rough at the start but the last 3 days ive been really lucky no blocks.

I dont know if I am doing it right but its working for me:

  1. I stop all actions
  2. I tick off all EB stuff and switch to API settings
  3. before start, I clear cookies
  4. I click the profile and go to “relogin account”
  5. It should login, then I just click follow and hope for the best
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you can so the same as @testing123 that procedure is good.