Template for cold emailing? Can anyone help?

Hello, I’m cold emailing people people to offer my instagram growth service. However I need an expert in this, someone who could help me to create a good converting template cause im struggling a bit with it now. Please let me know if someone could help me with this!

As the ex owner of a service like this (aiming at a specific niche), I can definitely help. Can you PM me? Happy to give away my template since i’m no longer in the game.

Open rate was close to 50% and converted very well with a free trial.

Note: My emails were very targeted to my audience

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I’ve been swamped with PMs about this so posting here for everyone to see.

Subject Line: Instagram Influencer Partnership for @username

Content: Hey name,

I absolutely love your page and I think you’re really inspiring others with all the content you produce.

My name is Sarah and I work for a company called XXXXX. We help Fitness Influencers like yourself to grow their accounts, schedule content & connect with Fitness & Supplement brands.

Is this something you might be interested in? If so, reply to this email and I’d be more than happy to chat some more about it. Alternatively, you can register for a completely free trial by [clicking here!]

Speak soon! :slight_smile:

[professional email signature]


Now obviously this is a very niche specific template, but you get the idea! Has to sound like you’re really trying to help them and hooking them in with a good email subject. Also, I found that emailing them as a female representative of the company actually worked a lot better.

Hope this helps!



maybe you could share your ideas or at least some parts that you are not sure about and we can tell you how we would react on it :slight_smile: Just a suggestion in case it helps :slight_smile:

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Pretty solid outreach email!

If I had this pitch, I could’ve made a lot.
That’s an amazing template and Thank you for sharing

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What kind of trial do you provide, do you set them up with Jarvee? Isn’t that a lot of work for a prospect that might not even end up buying anything?

Im interested to know how you close the sale!

lets pm i will give you the template. and mass emails sending solution also. hope we can corporate together

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@nm9013 you’re most welcome!

@InstaZeus - I no longer offer this service, but when I did, it was using a white label franchise of Instazood/instadrom. I made it a 7 day trial and managed to convert pretty well into paying customers. The reason I closed the business was due to them changing the way they offered the service and insisting users download an android app. 90% of my user base had an iphone so I made the tough decision to call it a day and work on other things.

If you don’t know much about Instazood, it was all self service for the customer and so they handled it all and could see conversion rates of users they were targetting. I also put together some custom instructional videos by hiring an actress who went by the name of Sarah (the same as in the outreach emails).

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Heard of them, that’s an amazing idea @ the videos, fivver?

Yep, fiverr all the way :slight_smile: Hopefully someone can benefit for this stuff to make their services better

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It’s been a challenge brother, automation will always be an uphill battle!

Does anyone know if cold emailing is legal in the UK? It would be an out reach email to showcase our platform rather than trying to sell a product.

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We’ve had a lot of different threads on this forum discussing about the legality of cold emailing. It depends from country to country.

When we’re talking about emailing users who placed their email publicly in their Instagram profile I wouldn’t worry too much as long you’re sending them a relevant message. They are displaying their email for a reason.

I’m not a lawyer but let’s view it from this perspective: When you’re a fitness athlete and have something along “email for business/colab” in your bio, would you go and complain somewhere when you’re getting an email offer where someone mentions that he saw your email address in the Instagram account? Most likely not.

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Hey could you please check your PM? Thank you!

Thank you, I did a bit more research and for my case in the UK it falls under legitimate interest if their email is public