Templates SOPs, processes, checklists?

Hey guys, thanks for being such a wonderful helpful crowd. Honestly places likes this offer more value and genuine help than a lot of paid courses.

I took on my first client for social media marketing, I setup an instagram account searched for some big accounts put them in my massplanner to follow their followers, but it all seems to be taking longer than I hoped for and I’m only charging £200 a month, I said it would be £10 and hour but the amount of work I’m putting in the hourly rate is going to drop. Now living in the UK, that’s not a healthy rate. Ideally I didn’t want to charge less than £20 per hour even that won’t give me my target income for the lifestyle that I am aiming for, but beggars can’t be choosers.

So what I am after is if anyone is managing hundreds of accounts and got a successful social media marketing agency, would you be kind enough to share your SOPs checklist of the order you do things that is efficient and effective. Because massplanner is so big and has so many options I’m going back and forth.

Ideally a checklist, template of standard operating procedures, processes is what I’m after

Thanks in advance


TIL I need clients from the UK. Jesus 200 pounds a month?

This is the second time you’ve posted about this. I really don;t think your going to get an SOp becuase we all spend so much time creating our own. I will help you it’ll only cost you 20 pounds an hour… :sweat_smile:

I’d be happy to share mine once done, I believe if we shared that sort of info we could learn from each other and improve. £200 is a too high or too low? Tai Lopez suggests starting at £1500 a month and going up to 10k a month. I just needed work and since I’m still refining my skills felt should start low, plus it’s a social enterprise that doesn’t have much profit or a proper revenue stream yet.

If you can get 200 pounds a month to grow someones IG, then I def need to learn your secrets!

Tai Lopez… lol $1500 a month? Yeah, I get the idea of it, however, selling services at 200 a month seems like a tough sell.

Not just IG the whole slog, I’m setting up all the accounts, instagram, twitter, pinterest, running facebook adds, ppc, creating original content. Plus they’re paying for knowledge and experience

Then 200 is too low for sure. In the other thread, you mention how you get “aggressive” with accounts. Honestly? Turn down the settings on all accounts. Be safe, if you grow ANY social media channel by 20 followers per day, almost any business is quite happy with that. There are marketing teams that cost thousands to garner a few hundred followers.

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Congratulations for your first client. I suggest learning all of the process first before increasing your rate as no one wants to pay someone who don’t know what they are doing. You can easily scale this up if you mange to get some success with this first client.

Be careful though, because if you lose the client’s account for some reason, it will be a major headache to handle.


Cannot stress this enough. Always make lists of their current followers/followings. That way if anything goes wrong, you can easily re-create (or restore) the account for them.

If it’s a small business, and they have few followers, I encourage them to start a second “backup” account. I also encourage other users to start a secondary account for “personal” use (if they do the follow and unfollow method). A wee bit of insurance never hurts.


I’ve been building my personal accounts for about a year and I’ve completed some courses on Instagram/twitter/fb marketing. My question was more to do setting up all the features in mass planners in the most time efficient manner. When I’ve done my own I’ve just taken my time and added and tweaked things when I when a long, so I wasn’t looking at the clock.