Temporarily Locked out of Instagram Account - Solution?

I am temporarily locked out of my instagram account, and like others when I attempted to recover my account, they asked for an email that I no longer use (a school email that I dont have anymore). I tried changing my password by sending them the picture also, but still was locked out.

My account is also linked to my Facebook account, which used the same email. Today I decided to change the email for the Facebook account. I can only login to my Facebook account with my current email now, while the old one Insta still has on file. Hopefully they will recognize sooner or later that my email has changed!

Has anyone else had this issue even though they can still log into FB but cannot loginto Insta?

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This is a big annoyance of mine. I have aclient with 172k locked out rn, same reason

Just tried accessing my account today. I put in my phone number and they said they sent me a code. I never got it. How long until I can log back in my account and change my password?

Have you used that phone number before for other accounts?