Temporary account locked

My account just got temporary blocked by IG.

the problem is I cannot received any code from IG which is my personal mobile number connected to it, I tried to login thru facebook but nothing happens, It just keeping on the loop. at the end of the day still need the verification code sent to my mobile number which is I can’t received. I tried to contact support on Facebook and created a business account but the ‘chat logo’ doesn’t appear there, which I think I need to placed an ad for it to show (irdk). can you help me guys?? Your information/help would be much appreciated!
temporary blocked

Are you saying you don’t have the phone number any more or Instagram is not sending you the code?

correction: I am so sorry,

I do have my phone number which is actively. but when IG tries to send the verification code in my number, I didn’t received any of it. whereas I received any messages from family,friends…etc.

Try using a different device to login to the account and send the code from there.

Changing device ID has worked for me in this scenario.

tried it already, ios, android, and web browser with user agent manager extension. it’s just looping for me maybe I should rest it for like a day or two.

thanks, really appreciate it! @viralux

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wait 2 day then do it again bro

if you have an FB account connected to your IG account try to add an email to that FB account then re-try to verify the IG and see if Instagram will show you the verification via email as well

I put my new number in facebook and wait for 48hrs and magically IG recognized the new number I put on my facebook since they’re linked together. thanks people!

I am so happy that you’ve managed to restore the account :muscle: :slight_smile:

glad to hear it worked for you, I wanted to try that using a Phone number as well, but you did it first, nice work :muscle: :muscle:

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