Temporary Block Loop

Was running F/U/Dms and posting through EB, then got hit with a temporary block for 24 hours. STOPPED the account, Waited 24 hours and posted successfully through Creator studio. Account is still STOPPED. After posting successfully the temp block appeared again for 24 hours,

posting 24 hours later in Creator studio - Successful

Right after, another 24 hour temp block,

Same thing been looping for the past week, anyone seeing similar issue or recommend a tweak?

Alos, does anyone know if Creator studio posts using my IP or Facebooks IP?

Thank you for your help!

Please, let it rest more :slightly_smiling_face: It’s written 24 hours temporary block, but the truth is your account still isn’t is safe mode. Allow it at least 2 days, better would be 3, after an expiry date.


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I’m not getting this 24 hour block but instead a possible 24 hour verification. As soon as I post! Its madness!

Same rule applies, sadly.