Temporary blocks one after another

I have an account which got a 24 hour block 2 days ago, and the block expired today but when i tried to post today another 24 hour block happened.I have not been doing lots of actions for it to be blocked .
Any ways to fix it ?


Same happened with one of my accounts. Wierd…

I think my ip is flagged but i dont know how to change it

what did you do wiuth that account? can you be more explicit to try to find reason to be blocked?

I did some unfollow a week ago nothing else

Automation, manually, how much is some? if you want help, you need to give info…

No automation at all. F/UF and posting thats it.

Manual 100 a day for about 4-5 days i stopped a week ago

so even manually you get these issues…?

It is not IP, it is trust score of the account, I think.

I acted normally on it