Temporary Blocks with Unfollow Tool ONLY

Hello together!

I have a problem regarding the unfollow tool.
I am getting temporary action blocks after ~50 unfollows. Recently even after ~10.
The follow tool works perfectly fine and I can easily hit the daily limit of 180-200 follows without any delays or action blocks. It’s only for unfollowing.

  • When using the unfollow tool I don’t run any other tools.
  • Using EB ONLY

Does anyone know how to fix this and why the action blocks are triggered only with the unfollow tool?

Best // Leon

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Is this also happen to any other accounts?

How fast are you unfollowing? Share your settings here with us, maybe you are doing it to fast.

For now, I just have 1 account with the tools running.

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These are my settings for unfollow.


Try not to use Follow and Unfollow at the same time. Use Enable Automatic Follow/Unfollow option instead.

I think the intervals of @Eleoen are already made for that. However, your intervals are randomized on a daily basis and after a few days will start to cross the Follow tool too. You’ll end up doing F/U at the same time (possibly).

Either uncheck this randomization, or uncheck this all and go for Automatic F/U as he said :+1:

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Yes, thats right. But even with randomization I timed them to not come across.
Automatic Follow/Unfollow doesn’t work either.

Maybe it’s something with EB?

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Only for one account or across all accounts ?

Mine too. Feels weird. They are unfollowing safely and smoothly past few days. But right now they are blocked. 1 account is only unfollowing and the same problem. Cant unfollow more than 5. Others are both F/UNF at the same time.

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Only 1 account because I have just 1 account running.

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In the worst case, let’s give your account some rest. Try to automate an other account and see if it works (Unfollow Tool). If it does, it’s more likely your account that needs a rest over a settings tweaking

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It has been a well known issue for a while.
it is happening to everyone.
No one will admit they have the issue. You just have to rest and reset, and if there will ever be a permanent fix?
Maybe, not. It happens from time to time for almost half a year so :slight_smile:
Letting your client now to stop doing potato things on instagram will help too
Good luck

I am not quite sure what you are talking about ? Unfollow block for everyone ?

blocks are something normal when doing IG growth, manually or automated you can’t run from temporary blocks but when you know what to do exactly (settings, proxies, night mode, other tools…etc) you will start getting less and less blocks over time and you will be able to reach your goals.