Temporary lock - different email to what I have added recently?

So today I had an account getting a Temporary Lock, but it is showing a different gmail to what has been added and confirmed last week. I think its wanting to send the EV to the original registration email instead of the more recent one I added and verified. Is that normal?

It is normal, especially if the signup email was recently changed to a different email - TL will get you to verify using the signup email instead of the one it was changed to.

Remember, TL is technically a phishing message, that’s why it gets you to verify using the OG email.


Interesting, never noticed this before. Though I would usually throwaway the accounts if they get EV/PV. Only recently decided to assign emails and try to save them. So if this is the case, then it would make more sense to buy accounts with OG email access too.

Ideally, yes. You can always change the email but make sure you have access to the signup email in case you get locked out

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