Temporary restricted until Dec 219250468?

not related to marketing but my personal FB account says I am temporarily restricted from joining or posting to groups that I do not manage until Dec 4 219250468.

It is not associated with a post. Clearly, the date (the year) doesn’t make any sense.

Do you think it’s actually a FB glitch? I clicked “let us know” and stated as such.
Any other ideas?

I so post 50+ times a day but it ususally is original.

I got the same message (exactly). And I’ve been searching and there are others too. Are you able to post in groups?

I was able to post on my own page and even reply to a friend but not in groups I didn’t create. That said, It seems to have resolved. I tried to post again and it gave me a warning and there was a place to click about disagree, I left a message and then it was fixed.

Does it always give warnings every time you post or you only did it one time?

it was repeated for two days if I tried to post in a group… I didn’t have any violations in my inbox, so it was strange. But I was able to click something when that message popped immediately after I tried to post and I had to hand type “I am getting a message that says I am restricted from posting to groups until dec 219250468, is this an error?”. I couldn’t see that area to “click” except immediately after trying to post and it wasn’t in my inbox either. So it took a while to figure out how to communicate on the issue.