Text-based content ideas

Hey! I am building a database and I am seeking for content ideas.
Do you know what could be text-based content that is trending on social media?
Few ideas that came up to my mind:

  1. Quotes (fitness, motivational, etc…)
  2. Facts
  3. Memes
  4. Recipes
  5. Jokes

Do you know other text-based categories of content that could be made? Thank you :slight_smile:
By the way, I’m running out of ideas so seeking for some tips and inspiration from you guys :wink:


Guides and tips of any sort in any field…

  • How to start a IG business or any business
  • How to relax and destress
  • How to invest like a pro
  • etc
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Thanks! Those ones could be in the text-based category of “Tips” :slight_smile:

Something which is becoming more popular on Instagram (which I plan on doing in the future) is multi-post tips, etc.

So, you’d have the first image be the “thumbnail” of sorts, then the second image would be tip 1, then the final image would be a “thank you” with CTAs.

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What about religious sayings/phrases/verses? I know it gets touchy but some of the religious accounts are fairly large, and there aren’t a ton of people doing it. I did a small one on FB awhile back with decent interaction. @pow

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Trivia with a statement and then asking True or False works if you do it right.

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