Textplus not receiving messages from instagram

Why textplus not receiving messages from instagram ?
Thank you

You can’t use free texting services to verify Instagram accounts. You have to use real phone numbers with real sim cards. Virtual numbers, even the private ones don’t work.

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But yesterday , I get the message from instagram

I’m not sure how you got it, but services like that one usually don’t work for IG

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Textplus is banned long time ago.



I have created an Instagram Account, and wanted PV them.

I added my TextPlus number But i dont get The Code.

Yesterday everything was working.

Is TextPlus gone today? Has Instagram Now banned their Service?

Is does it working For you guys?
Hope someone can help me
Thanks in advance

Check out the replies above.

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so if i i have a phone verification request in my ig account i need to buy new sime card or i will lose the account ?

buy a new sim and submit this to your account and you will be fine

Yes. Or if you have a small amount of accounts you could do what I’ve been doing for now and ask your friends to verify for you. Just make sure you have one friend verify one account.

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