Thank You @}>--->--------


Been a long time lurker here, but finally decided to break down and make a username to just thank everyone in this community.

I really appreciate all the help you all have provided for myself and others in sharing your experiences - the negatives and the positives - and providing feedback on what’s failed and what’s worked for you.

I also have to give MPSocial huge kudos for creating this forum - providing a space for those who always had these questions but never knew where to go for the answers.

Year after year, it’s gotten tougher to make it to the top on our own merits. And, it seems like it’ll keep getting tougher until biometrics becomes an eventual requirement for access to the social web and privacy becomes an archaic slur of the past.

Social Media hubs are now starting to artificially create or selectively elect those who receive access to visibility. Alternative Social Media (Alt-Tech) is being pushed out of the silicon club, threatened to shut down and/or having their payment models repealed.

These are interesting times - would’ve never thought the internet would become this corporatized when I jacked in the first time through AOL 2.0 in the 90’s. The future of the internet - all the dystopia with none of the cool cyberpunk fashion.




ill buy one gram of whatever you are taking man!


You mean Microgram.


Right now there are a lot of negatives more than positives