Thanks and a proposed function


just a big thanks to you at MP for this software! I works like a treat and you customer support as well as the active forume contributions are top level. There’s not much out there that could compete on these levels with you for such a fair price I have to say. Keep up the good work! Really impressive.

As a newbie to MP I have one function I miss very much and maybe it is something you could consider for the future. A lot of the campaigning and tools settings is about your niche, your social account limits, volumes etc.

So all of us tweak the settings, warm up campaigns etc. sometime little change have a huge impact sometimes.

Wouldn’t it be cool if one could save a set of settings with the corresponding stats? For example I run the follower tool in IG for a month, ceck the stats, and save the settings. Then I change the settings run another month. after that I open bot stats for the two different setting and compare the results, over time I would get a pretty good idea of what works for my accounts and what doesn’t. If the setting were store in a separate settings file on my machine one could even share them in the forum for others to try instead of posting screenshots.

Just an idea

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There’s no automatic way yet but I think you can do this, with a bit of work though. What you can do is export the settings of the account as binary, just like what was talked about here. For the stats, you can export the Follow Results of the account and Statistics (tool sub-tab). Finally, when you have all files ready, you can save it in a folder somewhere in your pc and label it accordingly.

P.S. I’ll check with my colleagues, they may have a better idea…will keep you posted :slight_smile:


no worries, just an idea. would also solve the problem of sharing successful settings, I would basically just post my settings file here along with “this worked for me with X account and niche bla bla” anyway have a good weekend

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Thanks…I checked with them and they pretty much gave the same answer…enjoy your weekend too :slight_smile:

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