Thankyou MPSocial for everything

Just wanted to give thanks to you guys for allowing me to do this you guys are awesome best forum for Instagram by far


Damn bro congrates on this. What niche is it Hot Girls :wink:

Save some likes for the rest of us Bro :smiley:

Just kidding, good job!

Haha thanks bro and no it’s not hot girls :joy: those accounts get banned too easily lol

My bad man :joy: thanks though

With Powerlike/Round?

No power liked at all. No automation all organic growth.

how do you look and choose the hashtags?

Cool… Keep the followers pouring in (y)

Mind giving some more info? (or am I overlooking another thread? If so, feel free to smack me on the head)

Like what specifically did you try, what’s your niche, posting rate, did you apply manual follow/unfollow, manual dropping comments, you name it? And in what timeframe?

I basically watched Instagram growth and strategies for ever. Using whatever sources I could. MP social was vital because it is free and has some of the best information. I used a lot of MP social strategies to achieve the engagement rate you see. I am on tik tok now doing the same thing.

Don’t worry mate the bigger you get the lower ER will get.
IG is looking after you :woozy_face:

With tik tok?