The 4 Golden Keys To Success

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After reading through this forum for quite a while and using all the information to by benefit, I didnt only realize that theres an important part nearly non existing, but also that it’s time for me to bring in something that the others here may benefit from aswell! :kissing_heart:


I presume that all the users in this forum are in some way searching for progress and ultimately succeed at whatever they are doing.
So below I’ve written down what I think is one of the most on point summarys of how to succeed in any part of your life.

No matter if its :moneybag:,:trophy: or :eggplant:

This is actually a fraction of a pricey coaching we used to give. Really… PRICEY :wink:


The 4 Golden Keys To Success

First of all why do I call it “Keys”? - The answer is quite simple:
Because correctly executed together, these 4 Keys will open you every door to reaching your goals. Always. Every single time! At least so it did for me and never stopped doing.

#1 - WILL

NO, this is not what you think I mean! And it’s also NOT willpower that I mean
What this is about is:

Knowing what you really want!

I have a quick test for you:

Take a piece of paper/open wordpad! Write down the 6 most important goals or dreams you have in the order of how important they are to you! 3 material and 3 non-material.
Don’t skip this! DO IT! It’s important for you! You have 10 seconds!

You should be able to do it in this time! To be honest, you should be able to do this without thinking!
If you did so! Congratulations, you are ahead of 95% of the people out there! Probably more!

BUT if you cant, you’re having a big problem. You basically have no clue what you’re doing with your life.

The # 1 key to archieve success is to know exactly what you WANT!
I mean what you really WANT!!! Thats a feeling!

Not the “I’m hungry lets go to McDonalds” kind of “want”.
Im talking about the “I’m drowning!!! I WANT/NEED air” kind of feeling!

If you’re looking at your list. And your #1 goal on each side is not triggering this feeling. Then you dont really want it.
If your top goals dont trigger your emotions in this way. Take time to think about your goals. It may be you are working for the wrong thing!

If you failed the test, or even if you didn’t I have an instant way for you to get closer to your goals:

Write a GOAL-LIST!

-Open an excel document
-Make a table with a material side and a non material side.
-Add 10 lines to each side
-Sit down and write down 10 material and 10 non material goals! Dont stand up before!!!
-Add a an exact price to each material goal. DO RESEARCH!
-Add a date that you want to reach your goal at!!!

Disclaimer: “Happiness”, “Being healthy”. ARE NOT GOALS! Theyre not defined!
An example for an non material: - 1) Read a good book every month.
General rule: You need to be able to imagine every goal you have exactly! You have to define things!!!

Are you done with this?
I am happy to tell you that youve done half of your job already now. This is the most important thing for you! Be sure to check this list every day! Print it! Put it in your purse!
Everytime you have archieved a goal, put another one on the list! NEVER let it go under 10 on each side!!!

Its not only helping you to archieve your goals, but also to actually think about what you REALLY want to archieve and do in and with your life!

#2 - Opportunities!

Well, lets be fair… I know what your thinking, you can’t affect how much opportunities you are getting. So basically this is not the right thing…

#2 - REALIZE Opportunities!

This is HUGE!
I can’t even count how often in my life my employees were not able to do this.

All the time I hear people complaining.:
“David, David (Hi, btw), I just never got the opportunities!”
“David, David, I’m working ALL day, but I just dont have the luck!”
“David, David, this life is sooooo hard. You cant get things done if you dont know the right people!”

This is just a few of the things I have to hear nearly daily.
And while all of this is partially right…you cant really affect some things… and you of course have benefits with good contacts…
The same people are running around with their fixed mind… running through the streets, stumbling over a bar of gold and screaming “Ouch! What an aweful day! Always me!!!”

This forum is the perfect example. Without trying to offend you right now… there are so many useful tips and methods in this forum. And still, I’m sure many people are reading here all day and are not even realizing they could do exactly the same methods RIGHT NOW and bank.

The issue is: Opportunities come fast and they’re gone even faster.
Meanwhile some of your are going out tonight, sitting in this bar, looking at this 10/10 goddess dancing.

And whoops, she’s gone. Again. And you did nothing. Again.

And that gets us to…


When you finally started taking more attention on all the opportunities to get you closer to your goal (that are laying around everywhere), you get right to your next issue:
You might be one of the majority of the people in this world that are absolutely incapable of making decisions!

Most of the people see their opportunity and look at it… just like at the girl…and whoops, it’s gone…again.
Thats why you have to TAKE THESE OPPORTUNITIES!
When you realize an opportunity, make the decision on what you’re going to do, and do IT!
Don’t ask others to help you. DO IT YOURSELF!

When I go in restaurants with strangers its nearly ridiculous. You go at a place together. And there are so many of the people doing the same thing over and over:
-Look through the entire card.
-Read everything.
-Go back and forth and back and forth.
At this moment I’m usually like "Wow. That guy is serious about this, he probably knows exactly what he wants.
And then…
-Close the menu, look at me and ask “So…What are you taking?”
-“Oh, yep, I’ll take the same!”

LIKE SERIOUSLY, people in this world can’t even decide what they want to EAT!!!

Train it!!! See your opportunity… and DECIDE WHAT TO DO.
Think about it well. BUT DECIDE RIGHT AFTER THAT.

And please, PLEASE! dont let anyone change your mind just because of…
“Well, that obviously is not possible because…”
"Thats a bad idea!"
If you see a chance it working, do it! And stop searching and searching but never starting even if you see something that could work!


The last step… And just as important…
If you make a decision, DO IT!

So many people fail at this aswell. They write down their goals… see their opportunities… make the decision to tomorrow do - enter your task here-, and then the next day they’re too exhausted… too much stress … not enough sleep… are afraid of failing… are afraid of things not going as fast as they need them to, to be able pay their bills…
So they decide to make their new decision and do it tomorrow! (See the irony?)
And tomorrow they decide to change the approach to something else… that they will start tomorrow.

GENERAL RULE: What you dont do today, you wont do tomorrow. And you know it yourself slothie.

This is a hard thing sometimes. But the good thing is you can train it.
Being consequent is a fairy easy task. Most of the times its just this split second of a moment that makes you decide.

-Throw the pen in my drawer
-Lay it down smoothly so it looks tidy

The effort is factually seen nearly identical. But your decide to throw it.
This is just an example.
But learn to use these moments for you! Train your consequenzy! Beat your brain in this split second.
You will get used to beating it. And to finally do all the things you decide to do!

Combine all the 4 keys together… and archieve whatever you want.

When you know what you REALLY want, see your opportunities, make the decision to use them in that moment and actually DO IT!..

You are unstoppable.

Last words:
Please forgive me if I made any mistakes. I did not copy-paste this. I actually wrote this all by hand in one go.

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