The advanced technique of better facebook targeting

Hello every body today i will talk about how you can target the right way on facebook i think that this work better for people who try to build big facebook profile and get audience and not for people who post on fb groups.
So you maybe sending some friend request or you can also like people comment on specific page in your niche to get their attention to visit your profile and check your post where you promote your product they can visit your website or send you a friend request or follow you.
So when we want to send friend request or Facebook PM we search for quality and not quantity and we want to be sure that every one we send a friend request or PM is targeted well.
i will give you some exemple here to target the right ppl and i will make exemple of the sport niche
here we will use the facebook search graph and it’s advanced search for for ppl who don’t know it
i will search here for ppl that live in new york and like NBA
i write this on the search bar and i get this link
People from New York, New York who like NBA
we can make it more specific and target Men who live in new york and like NBA
we can target also by martial statut "single ppl who like NBA
We can target by name exemple ppl named john and like NBA
i will search here for people who are engaging with a specific page in my niche and give that url to MP to extract ppl from it
There is unlimited option here you can just use your imagination and play around with that tool and you can find the best target for your niche and products.Better targetting=more money
If you need anything you can comment here happy to help from 8am-11pm Monday-Saturday via Email/Skype/Teamv


Nice one, again. We get questions about this often, so thanks for taking time to write it.


Nice explanation of the search graph, most people don’t know about it, but Facebook made it that you can enter just about anything like that in the search box and get good results. Play around with it and you can target really good.

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Tool to “generate” targeting ideas:


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Hey Thanks for the great tips.

I can’t seem to get the search results.

Any suggestions?..

you may try such requests:

How did you do it? When I enter the search term ‘People who were born in 1996 and like pages named “Paypal”’ and click the search button on FB page, it doesn’t return the results as you got on the url you posted …

I can’t seem to do an advanced search adding multiple filters with it. correct?..
Many Thanks!

I feel the same! How are you guys making it work? Does it work for fb ads?

In most cases search using URL constructors like is more precise than typing query into search field manually.

hmm, not sure if I get it right but you can find Multiple Variables search option in the site I provided above.

I used this service

It doesn’t work directly with FB ads. I mean you can’t target users in FB ads using FB search. Hope it helps

I tried these links with my personal account that I’ve had for 7 years. Everyone of the graph search queries worked except the last one.

I tried those same queries with an account I created last month and have it on a proxy. None of them worked. Not even the first one. Don’t get any people results. I wonder how long it will take for me to be able to use the graph search…

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You should be sure that you are using English US

is there a way to export these results in excel sheet ??

Look at part 4 here:
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Sorry, we couldn’t understand this search. Please try saying this another way.

The search no longer work