The algorithym, how videos are ranked and action limits for tik tok.... amazing piece

this is a video that goes over everything about how tok tok runs, it wa given by an employee at tik tok… enjoy

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LOL absolutely 10000% wasn’t given from an employee from TikTok. At all. I actually know the person personally that they’ve seen SOME of his information and pretended like they got this from TikTok.

Even down to the verbiage and terms he made up himself.

Also half this shit is outdated since the person they ripped said this almost a year and a half ago.

Comical. They’re a church and flat out lying lol


hahahahahahaha, I haven’t actually tried anything of the things they said but it sounds reasonable … is there better guide that shows the actual algorithm because I really want to learn this tik tok stuff… im done with instagram

So what they say is partially true, only thing is, it’s moved on since then. A lot actually.

I sent this to my friend (who they ripped from) and he laughed as… he was explaining DOUYIN not actually tiktok lol both are governed and ran separately.

Could you be more specific @customlogovideos? Which parts of the article are no longer right? And how have they changed?

well I would love to learn whatever I can with this because I see that the potential is huge and its only going to grow bigger and bigger

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That’s good thinking. What they’re saying makes sense.

Are they lying? Probably yes. Probably no. But it’s a better starting point than going blind through the whole thing. Do, do, do and course-correct along the way.

@customlogovideos If they’re lying, why don’t you tell us the truth then? :smiling_imp:

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I would happily, but for a lvl3 forum only.

a level 3?? cant you just give it to us on level 1?? and do you really live in los angeles??

No to Lvl1.
Yes to Los Angeles

if anyone knows TikTok, it is @customlogovideos. I know him and what he is-does outside of the forum. Many ask for info even if given would do no damn good for one reason reason.

They would think of TikTok as insta type growth. It is not even near that. Example – EG groups for TikTok,
a complete waste of time. They simply do not count likes in the beginning. It is set to a number of people chosen by the algo – and depending on the number of completion rates done it gets passed to a greater number and so on. Likes from outside sources don’t count worth beans at the start.
Another example –
If an account does not stick to its verticality ( niche ) of the video – ( each account should be one specific type of video.) If one has comedy and post a business ad – its going to bomb.
I asked once are there TikTok powerlikes? Nope – the algo does not work that way either.

I know of the video and watched a few minutes of it. thought some parts are okay but nothing on the money.

well its gona take me 2 years to get to a level 3 so its impossible… if you can help me out that would be awesome or even if you want to meet up in LA, I live not to far in Huntington beach