The best 4G Proxy Provider for Instagram Botting (Jarvee)

Hey guys, I am looking for a 4G Proxy Provider that offer multiple countries (us prefered) which will work fine with Instagram Botting (Jarvee). Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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I use a mix of @Verona and Bright Data.

For scraping and for some not that important accounts i use 4G mobile rotating proxies from Verona.
For Messaging and Main accounts I use 4G brightdata proxies from the country i am operating in.

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Hey, @crylonblue thanks for sharing. What Bright Data plan do you use for your main accounts? Residential? Mobile?

I use both, but i had no problems so far with res ones.

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There is no “best 4G proxies” as there are many good, average and bad ones. The quality is directly linked to the number of accounts running on them, and also - for usage - the data speed of those.


agree with @denis1
Just started my proxy sales thread. you can take a look at it.

From my experience using the same proxy location as where the accounts are made is something to consider. Higher trust levels etc


Not sure what’s the best but usually it’s how much you pay, that’s how much you’ll get. If possible, it’s best to get one to test before you purchase them in bulk.

@heroeslair that’s what I told you a month ago when I offered you accounts created with the same proxy location. But you didn’t seem to believe it back then?
From my experience, I can say it works 200%.

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I meant that you run them on. You don’t sell New Zealand proxies and I don’t want to use Indian ones

My setup now is 90% NZ 4G proxies

Hmm. But the thing is this works better than the rest of the setup I tried.
I’ll try to start a thread soon on how to do this, if I get time.

I create my accounts on the same sims (4G ip) I run them on. Can’t get much better than that. Plus New Zealand has a very low amount of people doing this stuff compared to most countries so I’m not competing for IPs etc.

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I use MountProxies with Jarvee and they work great for me. MountProxies supports US locations currently, I use the Cinnaminson proxies since my child accounts are all Cinnaminson based. Highly recommend them.

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It best to ask for them to test the proxies for every provider and find which one works best for you.

Proxy pointers:

– should be Instagram compatible

– IPv4 proxy

– If you can get a proxy that has the same IP location (preferably same city) as you, that would be great

– dedicated proxy (one that’s never been used on any account)

– 4G proxies are highly recommended

u should go there :smiley:

One suggestion would be using sem private proxies that work depending on the service you want to use, so you don’t have to overpay for a whole simcard .

Try @Boris his proxies are cheaper and he uses private proxies so no one is going to cause you any issues.

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well i using for few years those i mentioned and well im good with him he gave me recurring disscount of 50$

That’s great. I just built my own proxy farm in the end. After my last providers proxies started to go bad.