The best strategy to avoid instagram block

my best strategy to avoid instagram block is to delete my instgram accounts and find a real job in the real world by by insta :cry::cry:


What the fuck is this shit?

If you are not experienced in Instagram botting, then do not bot or pay someone that can deliver your desired results.

Nowadays people think that the only way to grow Instagram account is to bot. There are 1,000s differenet ways you can grow organically.

Anyway, thanks for less competition.


if instagram automation is not working for you then you can start doing manual actions.

First they block your instagram, next your bank account. You won’t be able to buy food, because your social score will be to low… Enjoy.

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Best of luck on your new journey

I do agree don’t start this shit if you are weak in heart. getting 60% of 350 accounts blocked when you earn 40k$ a month… is not easy to see. yes it is the 6000 block :slight_smile:


For real Instagram is sometimes unpredictable

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