The best way to create new ig account

i wan’t a good way to creat new instagram account ( +10 per day)
i read a lot about that on this forum but i can’t use it
with MEmu it does not work on my pc
and facebook pages methode d’ont work
help me please

If you don’t provide details like why things don’t work as they should, we can’t help that much.
Also, try to make your posts more HQ

sorry this is my first post ins this forum
yes you have right
MEmu d’ont work because i have an old version openGL and i can’t found the newest version so when i lanch the software the loading stop at 99% and the emulator d’ont lanch
with create a facebook fan page and creat for it and IG account when i try to do this instagram show me try it later … so i think i can’t use theese two methode :frowning: i think evry think is clear now
thank you