The best way to message 5k friends

My personal and main Facebook account is very targeted and niche focused. I have had it for 9 years now and have developed a ton of great relationships from it…

I am in the process of growing my personal brand and I want to start a mailing list…

I want to automate asking all 5k friends if they would like to join it and ask them for their email?

Does anyone have any advice on how to automate this safely? Also how long do you think it will take… Even if I did 25 a day that is like 200 days!


You can use the Contact Members extra module to automate the process, go to Use Members tab and click on Update Friends and wait until the list of your friends is updated then click on Add Friends as shown in the picture below:

After that, select all and scroll down to B. Send Messages and write you message. Make sure if you send a message you send a very good one that doesn’t look like spam so you have a better chance of it being read, you can use spin syntax in the field however that’s only in case you send too many messages so facebook doesn’t see it as spam.

Start with something as low as 10 messages per day and grow slowly everyday.