The "Browse" button isn't working? Any ideas?

Hey Team!
For a while now, my browser button hasn’t been working, and I really need to use it right now!

Any insight on how to get it working again? Hasn’t worked for around 16 months :confused:

Thanks in advance!

Why did you keep something that doesn’t work for so long?

I didn’t need it as everything else was working. So it wasn’t an issue until now.

did you try to uninstall and install again ? it May help

Like Samsam said, reinstall the software.

Did you wait long enough? The browser is pretty slow and your PC speed may affect the browser popup time also. I remember on my old PC it took 1 minute before it even opened up.

Like samsam and jala said, I would reinstall the software.

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Any idea on how to do this without losing any settings?