The Campaign not spend, Do you ever happen?


It often happens that ads do not spend, is active but does not spend and does not get traffic. What do you do?


It happened to me too. Just lower your daily spend $ and it will start again. If your ad runs for $150 per day, make it $115 and make it back $150 next day.
But that’s not a good sign for your account.


The ban is near?


I had a similar issue when I wanted to run an ad for a cryptocurrency service. The ad was approved and active but it just didn’t spend and get any traffic. I solved it by changing the copy so it doesn’t mention cryptocurrency (instead, it said “digital currencies”), and by changing the target audience (deleting all crypto-related interests) and putting the other related interests. So I’ve managed to bypass Facebook rules and deliver the ad to the relevant audience.


Thanks for your reply