The cheapest yet safe DC proxies

I am curently using “social media proxys” from highproxies, paying 3$ PM per one proxy. If I would up my numbers (curently 10, paying 28€ PM) it could get pretty price pretty fast. is it safe to use their “private proxys” or should I stay with “social media proxys” OR just change the proxy provider to a cheaper one?
what are your recomendations on this one?

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You could make your own DC proxies if you are willing to. You need a VPS which can have multiple IPs or multiple VPS (if you do not want the same subnet) and squidproxy. At the end of the day, it’s a hit or miss but it is the ‘safest’ you can get for your money.

When you buy from providers, you never know who used the proxies before.

Use 4G proxies if you can afford it.

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Hey ! Just bought 10 ig proxy from 2 different provider today !
Hope mark won’t track me
I ´m restarting from 0 …

But I assume making your own DC proxies with vps is also risky. IG might at anytime block entire subnets if someone else using the same vps service spams the hell out of automation.
Eventhough you are provided a virgin IP there will always be a chance.

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Yep it sometimes works for slaves or scrape accounts. It is still risky but it worked better for me than buying from a DC provider. Looking for lesser-known VPS providers can also minimize the risk. That’s why it can also be a hit or miss.


Is there a tutorial or at least some guidelines to make one? and how much ips would i be able to have when making my own? and thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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one more thing, what is a good price for 4g proxys because I only found very expensive ones?

2.5 each.

when buygin a vps you can have 1ip per dollar up to 3 dollars + the price of the vps.

4g proxies are expensive because they are the safest and the best and you can use a lot of accounts with them.

2.5 dollars per 4g proxy per MONTH?? I saw prices like 100$+ lol wtf was I searching then…

Im using “social media proxies” from highproxies, is this safe? I haven’t had any accounts banned but have felt with a lot of blocks

yea you can have luck or not luck and get bans but imo to expensive for what you are getting in return

Oh damn sorry i read wrong i thought you were talking about social media proxy
Yeah between 20 euro to 70
But most of them are 50 for private of course

There are guides online with simple installation scripts. A quick google search will give you this.

If you want additional IPs, you would need to ask your provider for them.

Check out this thread for 4G proxies and you can compare the prices of the different providers.

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thank you man

How many proxys can I have using this method? hopefully not only one.

You can have as many as you want but remember to use multiple VPS providers in case one gets flagged. It will also depend on how many extra IPs your provider can give you.