The collective wisdom of Jarvee users vs The Social Media (part 1)

Hello Jarvee users and Adnan Cokic (boss of Jarvee),

If you would put all serious Jarvee users together for a whole day to freely discuss best practices, the result would be disappointing. Everybody has its own ways of making it more or less work, but those ways would probably not or partially work for others. Why? Because they have another history, another proxy, another country or other differences in all of those variables which make up a social account.

However there is a solution for a level playing field with the social media, an intelligent solution.

That solution consists of:

1 Periodically collect all relevant data of the social accounts of Jarvee users

2 Analyse them with deep learning techniques from the AI to construct the best model to predict the survival probability of a social account

3 Build that model into Jarvee to predict survival probability of a given set of parameters of a social account

4 Update model

1 Periodically collect all relevant data
Jarvee could make a snapshot of all parameters of every social account every x hours and send it to a server. The same procedure would be followed if an incident occured. The parameters would also include result variables like number of followers, following and general parameters like country. Data collection would only be done with new accounts so that data during the whole lifetime of a social account can be analysed.

2 Analyse them with deep learning techniques / model construction
After some months the dataset would be large enough to start deep learning sessions. This is not very difficult. With tools / languages like Python, Panda, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow and Kears it is a snap to construct and train models. The resulting model would predict the survival probability of an account given its history and the current set of parameters.

3 Build that model into Jarvee
For any account, Jarvee would calculate in real-time the probability of survival. By modifying certain parameters and watching the survival probability, users can determine a better strategy.

How? Let us say that a Jarvee user sees a survival probability for a given account of 81%. He wants to go faster and increases the number of followers per hour, from 5 to 10. By doing that he sees that the survival probability decreases from 81% to 79% and concludes that is a small price to pay for doubling the speed.

4 Update model
The most difficult part is probably the maintenance of the model. Data collection would have to continue after the first phase to constantly train the model and adapt it to the modifications the social media are working on and implementing.
That means that every installed Jarvee would constantly send snapshots of all accounts to the server. There the snapshots would train the model resulting in new parameters to predict survival probability of a social account, which would be sent to the installed Jarvee’s.

Final thoughts
This is just an example of implementing an AI solution to the survival problem. There are other ways to implement an AI solution.

However there is no no alternative for the underlying basic solution of the problem. That is, continuously collecting data of the social accounts run by Jarvee and analyse them together (as a whole) and doing that with deep learning techniques.



Interesting take on this. Given the nature of Jarvee and the reasons it’s customers exist, I’m assuming they wouldn’t want Jarvee to collect this info.

Equally, for those who have “made it work” assuming they have a huge account farm, My guess is they wouldn’t want to give that info up either.

However, I’m still curious to see what others have to say about it

Hi Kalynddougherty,

“they wouldn’t want Jarvee to collect this info”
I can understand that, but in that case how do you know that Jarvee doesn not collect that info while Jarvee is running?
You do not know.


Do you mean like a signup option where people can volunteer information automatically, like MS!

We are very cloak and dagger and methods are rarely shared or talked about, given everyone the same advantage would mean methods and strategies would last days, maybe hours before being blocked by the social networks. It’s hard to explain but - This is the Way!

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I have a very big question. Why would people that are good at using jarvee and have spent hundreds of hours learning want to give up all their hard-earned methods?

I guarantee the only people that would agree with you are the ones that cannot use jarvee properly and all the VETS would leave and the data would collect pointless information.

That’s like saying that someone spent years creating a product they can sell/use and then asked to share it for free. When this is how they make a living. I’m all for sharing basic stuff and helping people get on their feet but I definitely am not in favor of people taking my methods and sharing them


In my opinion JV EB is the problem. The Web can see that the JV EB is a Fake Browser. And its logic that all Social Media Platforms special Google know that a Fake Browser is not legal and serious.

This is why the Desktop Browser dont work with many YT Accounts and just the Mobile Version. But the Mobile Version hase so many Bugs because the Sources are on many accounts still with the Browser Links and no Mobile Links.

Many many bugs. I think the JV team have to be 100% bigger than now to fix all the bugs. And all the Platforms that JV offer makes so fast changes its hard to keep up. I understand this. And the JV Licence Price is really fair for a buggy Software that works good but not perfect.

That really sounds awesome. I am just afraid that it’s too complex to be introduced. But I hope the right people will hear about this.

Jarvee can collect info, but if it is to spread to all users on JV then Instagram will find the links and everyone gets in trouble. I don’t think you realize that the more people do a certain method or style, the eaiser is is to pick up.

Jarvee works if you take the time to test. You don’t need to learn off others methods. Create your own!

I think along the same lines as this because the end result is:

In the best ethical case I could imagine, where Jarvee doesn’t do anything malicious with the data, IG would pick this up as abnormal behavior from the large number of signups in similar ways (in types of signups & patterns of the signups).

Either Jarvee ends up getting that magical letter to shutdown, or they go through another “update” & cleanse the platform of both mass-created & regular accounts like they did in June 2019 & 2020.

If you do that privately, however, with your own testing, props to you. But you’ll understand at that moment why things like this don’t get shared, much like the post I quoted.

The consequences are predictable. Especially when people are desperate for a competitive leg up (or just one to stand on). The fundamentals are enough for that. Everyone loses when something of this specialized magnitude gets shared: the method getting “patched” for those who opted not to share, someone depending on it for income loses it, & the new person becomes more desperate & makes it more difficult for themselves to get started or stay the course.


Totally agree with you. Jarvee is not that hard to figure out if you can be patient and test. Most of the basics is covered on this forum. The rest comes from hours of testing and experience.

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