The Dumbest New Feature: Instagram Video Play Button


I wasn’t going to make a post about this given everything else that is going on…but I couldn’t help it now that I’ve been living with the DUMBEST IG test feature for 24 hours now. Does anyone else have this feature yet?

Instagram implemented a play button on videos as you scroll through your feed. Videos don’t auto play for me, I have to click the play button for the video to play. I’m guessing this will never go truly live because it takes away from the addictive nature of just watching video after video non stop. However, at the same time it would definitely make tracking video views WAY more accurate.

Now for the craziest shit…

Not only is the play button on stories too, but it is also on ADVERTISEMENTS. Makes legit no sense to me, but figured I would share this and see if anyone else has seen this feature.


The Realest


I haven’t seen it yet, but if this goes live on adverts, the companies will blame content producers for lack of views on their sponsored videos rather than the platform itself.

First time seeing it. Seems pretty useless to me. They need to understand if something isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it.

Maybe they know it won’t help but they are analyzing human behaviour. So this is just another piece of data for their puzzle. Could be that they have another intention behind it than just implementing a useless play button for fun.

Maybe it’s just a test for low-bandwidth users (ie. Facebook Lite) or a setting to not auto-play based on WiFi vs mobile data. Looks like you’re on WiFi in that screenshot so probably doesn’t apply.

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Haven’t seen it yet on my end, but it looks like they want to make IG more and more similar to Facebook + they’re getting serious on monetization via ads now

Oh man, why on earth they try something like that.

yeah ofc wont last longer videos will experiance a low click rate and people wont be as addicted and attracted
Lost people are too lazy to click the button to start the video they love the auto play and they got used to it :joy:

IG implement first snapchat features, than Pinterest ones. Now they trying emulate youtube, but this tests are completely failing.

By the way, I’m thinking that s interesting use IGTV like growing strategy, for reaching max audience. Ig algorithms tend to help you when you use this feature.

using that could help to maybe unblock the blocked accounts? any one tips?

What are you talking about? This is the best feature ever, I have been searching for a cracked app that doesn’t autoplay videos for a long time. I hope it stays