The E-commerce category guidelines

Everything related to E-commerce should go in here. Feel free to talk about :

  • Teespring
  • Shopify
  • Dropshipping
  • Gearbubble
  • Marketing Techniques
  • E-commerce platforms, tips and tricks
  • Anything else related to ecommerce.

Be helpful and share as much as you learn :wink:


Love this category!

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Great category! Dropshipping was the first thing I did with MP. I have choosen a local sports team and tested out some targeting. I targeted the players of that team and followed their followers. Unfortunetly my content was pretty bad, not to say, the content didn´t exist :smiley: I put just my design on a hoodie, a shirt and a woman shirt, uploaded the design to insta and started following people. The reactions were pretty good, as I had a following ratio of ca. 40% and I even had some sells. This was just a test but I think there is so much potential in ecom with the help of MP if done right, with great content and maybe more accounts! I´m very interested in your stories.

One more thing, my design was veeery specific and I think this was also the reason I had some sells. It was kind of a “very exklusive thing only on insta”. I could imagine that micro niches and hardcore insiders of a niche could sell very good, the broad ones maybe less :slight_smile:


want to read some more success stories of ecommerce and growth with MP.