The form of getting disabled accounts back is broken?

Any one having a problem using this form to getting disabled accounts back ? i’ve been using it for years and the success rate for getting disabled account back was 100% for me, and now the form been broken for 3 weeks and and after i fill it and click send i get an error message from Instagram.


happening to me as well. one client just got account disabled and I’m trying to re activate it

Yes it’s still broken

so there is no way to reativate accounts?

i think for now no. You’ll have to sweat it out or somehow manage to personally get in touch with support and get it back. Not sure though how easy that is.

personally get in touch with support?
I have never seen this option. are there any cases in the past of someone doing that?

Well if you dig around or report something you’ll somehow be able to get support 1:1 if i remember correctly. But dont ask me how, it’s been ages. I’d only suggest if it’s really urgent. If not sweat it out for a bit

ok I need. how can you help?

By sending a DM and he will tell you his price. At least that’s what his other reply said. Be careful people. Either go through a legit approved salesthread or ask the community publicly for options. Services through DM’s arent tolerated anyhow as far as the rules @mdtanos

IG is updating so i’d give it a bit longer till the form is back up. Try to go through official ways if you dont want to lose anything valuable

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I agree with you on the fact that knowledge has value but rules are rules. Dont bend them :slight_smile: We all benefit from an organized board like mpsocial.

That form stopped working only weeks ago. It will go up sooner or later.

"Those are two methods to get your disabled Instagram account back. Instagram are not really responsive so I’ll recommend to fill the require information and to send it to them by daily basis.

Recover A Personal Account with ID.

To recover a personal Instagram account you will need government ID with you. If you do not have one, it could still work, but having and ID leads to must faster recovery times.
Step #1: Go to the Instagram Help Center and look for the option for Deactivated Account. Here is a direct link:
Step #2: Select whether you have a valid government issued photo ID (ex: passport, driver’s license, etc…).
Step #3: Fill out the form and provide the appropriate documents and When you finish and double check you can press send.

Recover A Business Account.

To recover your business Instagram account (that represents a business, product, or service), it is super important that you’ll have paper work that verifies you own the business. This can be a business license, tax filing, invoices, domain name registration proof, etc… The full list you can find at the link we’ll direct you to.
Step #1: Go to the Instagram Help Center and look for the option for the Business Deactivated Account. Here is a direct link:
Step #2: Select whether you account used to represent a business, product or service.
Step #3: Fill out the form and provide the requirement documents. When you finish and double check you can press send.

Personally I recovered two disabled accounts of mine with methods from an eBook that I bought. There are plenty of methods that you could find over there and maybe it will work better for you. The website I bought it from is"

^found this on BHW
I tried to submit the form for personal account successfully. But the account I’m trying to restore is a business one. Lets see if this will work.


I have had two big accounts disabled. One with 200k and the other with about 400k. Both were healthy accounts and they got banned for copyright violation. I tried to get them back via the forum maybe 20 times each but had no luck. They got banned almost a year ago so I lost hope :frowning:

So you’re saying the contact form J is suggesting is broken? @mdtanos

yes… when you fill it and submit it this message appears: