The Last Movie You Recently Watched


That was wild


The green book


Den of Thieves on Showtime was good! Shooting scenes and Gerard Butler as a good/bad guy, it was good.


I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I really enjoyed it…

The bohemian rhapsody


Yesterday I watched Sorry to bother you - kinda weird one

I watch a lot of movies, these are the best ones I recently watched:

  • The Favourite
  • Cold War
  • First reformed
  • Roma
  • BlacKkKlansman


Bad Times at El Royale - nice
Salyut-7 - Russian about their space station - liked it
Johnny English Strikes Again - I like Rowan :slight_smile:
Riddick - all 3 movies - I like Riddick :slight_smile:
Night School - I like Kevin :slight_smile:


Does this count?

Thanks @ian for reminding me of it.


Know a guy from Staten Island that video is not far off from reality :rofl::+1:


I worked with the female version of that guy. Had a buddy that was like that too.



Live die repeat

Both awesome and recommend unless you hate Tom Cruise.


I actually wanna watch both of those tonight. I like him as an actor, but hear he’s a real :eggplant: head. Just read about Top Gun 2. He managed to piss off an entire Aircraft carrier and then some


Think he is good because he takes risks, he has made some terrible films too. He better not mess up Top Gun 2 or we will fall out.