The Last Movie You Recently Watched


What Was The Last Movie You Recently Watched?


Hi there, yesterday i watched the new jurassic park movie, was not that good if you compare to the others.

What was the last you saw?


Doing some of the classics. Can definitely recommend Valhalla Rising, if you’re into this sort of thing.


‘‘How i got my first car with IM money by using Jarvee’’ from Danny Spielberg.

It’s not out yet in the big theaters, but i got the preview!



I watched Venom, it was really good


Last week at the cinema. “The Predator”


The 12th Man -


Hellrasier, never fails to send chills down my spine haha

It’s not that good of a movie in the first place, but it’s something about that concept that scares the hell out of me


VENOM was quite nice :alien:


Equalizer 2, decent movie


The fyre festival thing on Netflix
Cringe level 99.


Gnomeo and Juliet…
not proud of it, been forced…


Alita battle angel


Equalizer 2
No Strings Attached (Watched on TV)


Dogman 2018 - some real battle between a simple man and a gangster


How was that?


One time movie i would say. Nice story, but nothing else


Green Book
What men want

Green Book is my favorite film this year so far. Easy Oscar wins imo.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre = Best Movie of All Time


Spider-Man into the spider verse. It wasn’t too bad