The like is not liking (while followerd do follow) on Jarvee

Dear online freaks,

I am trying to solve this issue for days. But for some reason Jarvee does follow people (so my account is not blocked) but its not giving any likes (although my preferences are 100% right, as it worked before) anyone has an idea why? Or what settings have changed?

Try to clear Cookies and log in again and see if this works

I did, but no difference. Its weird… any other ideas?

@Anoebis Did any of the last 2 Jarvee updates fix this?

I also had a problem today, the client was not blocked but did not follow the action.
I changed the settings to make more per hour and day (I increased them)
I added more people to the target
locations, hashtags etc.
I set it on the browser
I’ve reset the cookies
I turned off and turned on the system
It worked if this problem is about.

Try clearing cookies and using the EB (at least, that’s what it worked for me)