The limits of slave accounts

Hi everyone,
I created Slave accounts that I will run on 4G proxy, I would like to have experience feedback from some m / s expert.
How many follow unfollow and like do you do a day?
What is the DM limit per hour and day?
Mention each time the mother account at each post?
Thank you for your answers and sorry for my English.

150-200 follows/unfollows per day.
40 DMs a day (though you’re unlikely to hit that on a slave since you’re rarely going to have that many people following in one day for you to DM).
Don’t mention the mother more than 50 percent of the time in captions, comments, or DMs.


150-200 follow
Likes only on some new followers (about 100 per day)
unlimited unfollows (after 2 days)
60-70 DMs per day (new followers, message with spintax to follow main account)
I mention the mother in each post


Do you think you should only dm followers? Can you also dm instagram accounts that aren’t following you, or will that give you really bad mother follow ratio? If the mother account is a business do you think the best way to get them to buy from/follow the mother account is to provide a discount code?

@Powerlifter @mozem
You have never received pv? How long have your slaves been working? do you do it manually?

This sounds about right, don’t mention the mother in every communication please, you’re only looking for trouble

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