The Most Baffling Facebook Scam To Date


One of my pages receives this message at least once a week.

Oh how I dream of a world where I can earn $3000 with such ease.

Has anyone else received anything similar?


Just take this opportunity :joy::joy:


Fine. I’ll do it. :laughing:


You will become millionaire in a few weeks :smoking::sunglasses:


:rofl::rofl:Just take it and share the testimony, #refusebeingbroke


Guys, this peer pressure is shocking to say the least. :sweat_smile::laughing:

Maybe I’ll pull a James Veitch on them.


Take it, but if they ask for a deposit to guarantee you will deliver or whatever fraudulent thing, just get out of it hahah. Hope it works for you tho


Facebook usually deletes the messages before I can even respond to these people, but maybe next time I’ll respond quickly and see what they say. :laughing:


Ahh probably just an acct created to scam people. Then you click on the profile there are around 4 photos and no friends hahah. Happy to hear ur all good!


Double troll them:

Hey, thanks for wanting to use my services, I am humbled by your choice to collaborate with me :pray:

I am already a millionaire and I want to give back to the community, so I would give you my page credentials so you will post whenever you like and afterward just log out. Moreover, I will finance your promotion of those posts since I know the ads are expensive so I would offer you a $25k budget per post (have I told you that I’m a millionaire? :stuck_out_tongue:)

I have one small request from you since Facebook accepts this kind of payment only if the beneficiary pays an upfront $10k payment and afterward they unlock their secret top ads used by Trump to become president and you can change image and text and use it for your post (have you considered running for presidency? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

I am very thoughtfully of your time so I won’t bother you with all these transactions, so I will take care of you, just send me the credentials for your bank account and I will transfer from my bank account to yours then to Facebook. Well, I am sure that Mark will send you a friend request, that’s for sure :hugs:

I am about to fly to Monaco from LA with my private jet and I will unavailable for the nest 36h so I would ask you to send me asap so I will take care fast.

God bless your soul, I am humbled that you let me to help you :kissing_heart:


I’m genuinely going to copy paste this into Facebook Messenger. :laughing: