The most expensive part of your botting systems?

Hi, with 01 system I have to invest for some parts:

  • VPS
  • Jarvee or some software like this
  • Proxies
  • Phone Number (Online service or Sim Card)
  • Accounts (If you can’ create by your self)

What is the most Expensive part of your botting system?
For me
Proxies > Phone Number for PVs


My real expense are just proxy, others are almost insignificat compared to the first. As soon as i get tired of creating account, that may become the first expense since they are pricey.

TIME is the only real expense i mind tho, and that’s too much.

Yes for me it is proxies, I make a lot of test with different providers every month, so that’s pretty expensive yeah ^^ :innocent:

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Proxies, and my time!


Yes, it’s really time consuming :no_mouth:

Proxies. if you know what you’re doing you shouldn’t get PVs as much and have to spend much money on sims/Phone Verification

Proxies , obviously .

Time, obviously.

Over the years I have learned not to try and save money on accounts, proxies, software (jarvee and others), sim cards, etc.

Whenever I tried to save money, I later wasted a lot of time after loosing accounts.

So now I always make sure that I understand that TIME is more important than money.


Always Proxies .

Proxies and time.

My time. Honestly it’s something to factor in

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My most expensive part are proxies definitely.

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