The new automation is here!


Hahah! Sounds good :wink:


I would not say that Slovakia is 3th world, just like is not PROland :slight_smile:

I was joking, don`t make so serious dude.


I would have cut few dead mans fingers and would have replace the robot one …


You have a brain and a desire! Applause and I look forward to further update <3


Good luck for it bro! Looks like some high tech stuff. But things like this unfortunately are not an option for most of us.


Can we see the video :slightly_smiling_face:


the new age for automation :top:


Lmao that’s awesome


Now the only thing left is to give the robot a face so that the camera recognizes it as a human!

Perfect setup.


There are other options like this out there, but for Tinder mostly…

And a more DIY solution for anyone with a drill


Here’s an interesting read about this:


I heard about zenoposter for phones, maybe you tried that already, and there are those examples on Reddit and other forums with phone farms, what do they use?

And have you done a test with 2 phones logged in at the same time and check if you can do mass follow/unfollow (edit: i am referring to manual actions)? I heard there are big limitations for real users anyway.


so what would you say the limits are for doing it manually on an iphone per hour if I wanted to do it for 10 hours a day 8am-6pm?? likes, follows, unfolows, dm, replies to stories, tag some random person in photo, etc?