The new automation is here!

Beside any joke, we are getting ready to try it, the plan is to be able to do it with multiple devices at the same time.

Anyone willing to participate in the project?


lol there are so many other options to control a phone


yes but all other software based can be detected :slight_smile:
We tried 20-30 different ones, even an in-house development.

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if the scrolling aren’t human, it might still get flagged.

but using that on iPhone might help … a little.

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The robot scrolls like any person, the pinching is working too. :slight_smile:

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remember that people have at least two fingers, your robot has one finger…instagram don’t like people with one finger :smiley: how you gonna zoom in/out? every ig user does that. i mean if you really want to act like a real human, there are more things to consider


Actually has 4 fingers and 2 arms, we tested with 2 fingers and can do all what we can normally do. This was not designed for IG, It was designed to test apps, and also to test phones.

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well, if your robot has 2 touch points and you automate iphone - you will be good. i wouldn’t even imagine how difficult and advanced this automation should be to act like a real human… real human does the typing, swiping, etc… as so many RANDOM actions

It’s difficult and very interesting, as I said before was not designed for IG, but works perfectly, basically after we train the robot it can store the coordinates and repeat the action as we wish.
We don’t have time to build an app like jarvee, but a jarvee controlling the robot would be the ideal scenario.

It already works very well, of course the mechanical part will be improved with time.

ig doesn’t like repeated actions :smiley:

don’t play with me, you know what I mean. Automation via software is ending soon as we know it today so why not try the next level :wink:

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Very interested idea! Although it seems like an expensive setup to run 5 accounts per device with limits such as 200 follows a day and becoming stricter by the week.

Nice project, but cost may be high for this. It’s remind me of this Chinese setup with hundred of phone for botting.

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Totally agree, this is a proof of concept, from there we will see… it’s all about ROI, it would be cheaper than hiring a VA??? and will work with no complains when we want and without vacations :slight_smile:


I am just joking around, don’t take me personally. But I like your idea of thinking of other solutions to automate :slight_smile: Good luck on the project and let us know how it goes :wink:

Can’t wait to see the 1 year photo down the line.

1000 phones all being automated on with a robot hand would be one for the books.


I already know your style! Thanks!

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Than collecting and doing project like that.

It is cheaper to hire people from 3th world.

You will give them money for food and make world better, don`t you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well @Aaron_Ward I will make sure that you are the one doing the first youtube video about it!! We will need a cheap mobile phone manufacturer as sponsor for sure :wink:

Do you know where I come from?? Who told you that we are not doing is to put food in our tables?

I got you…but I’m sure that we are not in this forum to solve the world’s issues.