The new problem when account get banned


does anyone have this problem?

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I assume you did something wrong?
Instagram doesn’t ban accounts just because they want to
What was this account about?

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I get the same ban when I start following after 200-300 follows(in total, not in a day), it’s really weird. The only fix that I found is to use the “Suggested Users” as follow source and this far I have no bans, something is definitely up.

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Had this issue at the creation of an account don’t know why tho

That’s the first time I see that message… Finally they are applying the GDPR haha.

If that account is important for you, try to contact and ask them to unban it. If they don’t answer you, try it again, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There is a tutorial here on how to do that, if I find it, will pin it here.

I have gotten this issue many times now and only after I had unbanned the account and then tried to load back in. Instant ban again. So strange. Jarvee didn’t even recognize the error for me, it kept prompting an EV.
I assume it is just a new format. Same old ban though.

When the follow blocks started happening I had some bans in a huge wave. It has completely settled down now, but I believe that there is just some weird things happening with the platform. Sit tight and hope that it passes. It doesn’t hurt to look at ways to improve your trust score on your accounts though, to try and minimize bans as best as you can.

same ban as disabled like the OP? If your account is disabled (opposed to just follow block), how do you even follow people?

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@hw711 - You can’t perform any actions on a disabled account. If you want to save this account you’ll have to send a recovery form in.

As long as the account isn’t adult/blackhat you’ll be able to recover within a few tries.

@boa5201314 Yes, this seems to be a new “issue” with Instagram, as if there weren’t enough issues already. You should be able to recover it though. I’ve seen 2 other people with your problem recover their accounts this week. Hang in there buddy!

Got this message for a few days. Jarvee keeps showing it’s EV.

@boa5201314 Any update on getting the account back? I think this is a concern for a lot of people so would be interested to hear how you went.