The next big thing after IG+CPA

We all know that IG+CPA is not a long term thing. Unless you want to spend you life fighting against IG.
It’s more like a make-money-as-fast-as-you-can-and-run kind of project, no?

So, when you make enough money with it, what are you next projects? On what are you planning to work?

Dropshipping? Amazon associate & adsense? Email marketing? Writing an ebook? Or?



I’m planning on creating big IG accounts and use amazon or dropship to monetize. Still planning though. Searching for niches and products is the biggest problem for me. lol.

Dropshipping for me. This CPA stuff is boring. As soon as I clear all technical issues, I will embark on a new journey :slight_smile:

Dropshipping as well, I love this field… Especially you can create a business around a passion or something you love sharing and doing, which is always a bonus!

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I really want to have a own product, a label. Can be anything, white label or producing something by myself.

Control and get all the profit in stead of a small dropship part! And then 200 ig, 200 FB, 200 TW, 200 Snap, 200% work!!!



Any white-hat business which is well-researched, thought out and planned!
What is the special thing about drop-shipping? Anyone with half a brain could just go and order directly…

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Ahh… not necessarily. I mean, yes, you can if you do aliexpress but real dropshipping is beyond get order and place it on ali. You need to find companies that provide a dropshipping scheme, which means, you need to sign up(for free, no real wholeseller charges you to buy their product) sign an agreement with them and get their products at a discounted(dropship) price. When you do Ali, you just take advantage of the fact that the China can offer low prices, whereas if you sign up with a dropshipping scheme, you get the same product that you can find on ebay, at a very low price, hence you can resell it.

Does ali not work? Of course it does, you just need to decide what model you want to follow, as everything in life, the secret is hard f*cking work, be beat up, stand up and continue walking with a James Bond smille

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I got into Dropshipping after quitting IG + CPA and life couldn’t be any better. I got into IG+CPA specifically to make money for future ventures. I started fresh this January and the results have been real good. If you’re someone with $200-300 lying around and want to get into something new then Dropshipping is the way to go for sure.

I had a lot of problems along the way mostly due to the Chinese New Year holiday week(2 weeks long) which caused a delay in my suppliers shipping out orders late and then PayPal. Had to go through 3 PayPal accounts and lots of verification procedures. In the month of February I had to stop my Ads for 2 weeks( I was making $1-1.5K/day) as PayPal limited all my accounts and began holding all my money. I’m pretty sure I could’ve crossed the $50K mark sooner if not for that.

Yeah keep telling yourself that until you build your own store and struggle to make that first sale.


seems pretty cool

Are you using IG accounts to promote or IG ads?

@Cryogenesis I would love to pick your brain a bit if that’s ok. I am really interested in starting dropshipping but have no idea how to go about doing it. I’ve gone through tons of tutorials and read endless forums but I really could use some 1on1 guidance.

Would that be ok?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


That looks quite nice @Cryogenesis congrats and btw, glad to see you around again :wink:

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wow nice stats!

how do you promote it?

Hey @Cryogenesis , amazing work on your new venture!

Great that you jsut barreled through the problems you had and didn’t give it up :slight_smile:

Without giving the game away with your niche e.t.c - in general is your store like a storefront with a plugin (shopify or something) linked to items from aliexpress? Or are you using a specific other dropshipper? Are you doing a lot of items of just a few select?

I’m using only one IG account(main store account) to promote on IG. The rest is through FB Ads.

Most of what I know I learnt through Forums, blogs and YouTube. The rest from a paid course.

Yeah, I’m using a Shopify store with products sourced from Aliexpress using the Oberlo plugin. I have about 45 products on my store right now. I had 20 when I started out. :slight_smile:


Hey quick Question, did you first start off with a general store, see what was selling then make a niche specific store? Thanks

Also to answer the original question.

-Work On Growing My SMM Agency
Get into one of these things in the near future

-Get into Affiliate Marketing
-Private Labelling with Amazon FBA

  • Maybe Dropshipping

I started off with a general store and have stuck to it. I’m building a few niche stores on the side too.


I have a little bit of different question. Ali express usually takes 15 - 20 days to deliver. How so people are okay with that?

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Do you think that dropshipping is simpler than IG + CPA ?
If you have real niche I mean sell by dropshipping IG often banned your accounts ?

Awesome stuff @Cryogenesis, keep on rocking!

Would you be willing to share the name of the course?

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