The perfect 4G Proxy Exist?

My friend is setting up a 4G LTE proxy business in the USA, what features are most important for you?
He wants to have marketers’ needs/thoughts about it.
He wants to build something people want and will pay for.
As an internet source, he uses ATT Business Mobile.

Thanks for you guys.

Yes. Something cheaper than 80 bucks a month. I can set up 8 LTE proxies in DE for that price and Germany is not cheap.

The perfect 4G Proxy Exist?

I want to give this answer, I’ve not any suggestion, sorry.

There is no any perfect 4g. What people don’t understand that 4g proxy can be wrose than DC proxy as well, if you buy from same provider.

4G proxy are very few, obvoiusly the sellers are many, but in reality 4g proxy is very few. If there is any guy who sell thousand of proxy, and have setup their full infrastructure in same city, then get ready for duplicate IP. Yes, if you’ve thousand of mobiles phones/dongles/raspberry that are operate as proxy server, then only half will get unique IP address, many of them will get same IP as your other equipment get, because normally ISP provide only few IP’s to specific area(give ASN number).

I don’t buy proxy from any guy, I personally setup things, and give my friends/relative that equipment, so I get really unique IP from different ASN.

perfect 4g proxy doesnt exist

Why even bother with proxies? Social Media is mostly focused on device backlinks and device ids, registers…

All you have to do is put the proxies in different locations with a small number in each location. We have our proxies for client management in 5 different locations as well as script which reboots the servers whenever there is a duplicate IP and this seems to solve these issues

5 different location is very big number :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of using 5 different location, you can use 3-4 different ISP.

Well, I’m not interested on any proxy service, since I’ve my own setup.

We use three different ISP providers in these 5 locations as we have over 500 proxies!

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Already setup?