The Power of Accounts

We have detected some changes in the Instagram algorithm. It seems that Instagram grew tired of the false accounts, the use of bots, like exchanges and other things that break the rules of the social network …


Before this new reform of the algorithms, Instagram only evaluated the quality of your publications. If your publications had a good reaction from your followers, then your exposure would increase. Now Instagram considers other more relevant factors to calculate exposure (and we think that’s okay), like the priorization of users with more followers than followings, also that those followings have organic followers, not bots.

Also, if those followers are not of your ideal target, Instagram “thinks” you have bought followers or likes to potentiate your account. For Instagram, it’s not the same thing to receive likes from top users or HQ accounts than receiving likes from any account with a few followers and thousands of followings.

Sorry for my english. Iam From Argentina .
With love for you.


what do you think of that, for instance what are your measures?

I’m glad you think it’s okay. I think it’s crappy and drove me to smoke a couple more blunts while I was blocked. Thank you California for allowing this lol. :weary:

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But if I set the target so that the client would gain observers in their subject matter and so all accounts, it would still hit this block and such people.
Interesting is what you write.

I think the information is correct. very good. Thanks for contributing to the community.
Your English is good, it was understood perfect.

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Thank you very much for your information, it was very helpful

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Thank you for sharing, your English is better than me.
But after my recent tests, the purchase of praise will still improve the ranking of the post.
I am looking for a cost-effective supplier.

It’s been mentioned a few times on this forum that likes from followers are much more important than non-followers (potentially bought or from an exchange).

this is completely true.
After many tests along the past months and years, I can “confirm” this from my little pov and experience with managing 50 accounts

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