The Power of Content Strategy

At the end of the day all bells, whistles, and toys aside, the real winner on any social media is (you guessed it) CONTENT.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what your DAILY content strategy should be!

A 5-7 Min long “diary” selfie style vlog (on your phone) for YOUTUBE

This can be broken down considerably if you just look at it the right way. FB monetizes 3 minute long videos with ads in the long term so lets start there.

We break the 6 min youtube DAILY into 2 3-Minute FB vids, and we can probably get an additional 1-2 good 1_Minute long IG timeline posts out of that.

Now your STORY content should always either be a traffic driver outside the platform or should tease the timeline content. All timeline content must either, ask an engaging question, or have an obvious call to action.

TikTok…man the beauty of the fyp page, in all its glory.

On this app i recommend you post 4 times daily when you have time in THE MOST AUTHENTIC WAY you possibly can. authenticism is not only encouraged but omg is it rewarded.


dude, if you do the aforementioned AND you have the best safe 2020 Jarvee settings?! I wouldn’t even want to be a full mountain in your path. Good Luck!

Best Regards,

Kelby Dishman
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phew that was my first longform article here. was kinda fun. y’all let me know what you think!

Thanks for the tips.

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Thanks for sharing…I used to think that vlog-type contents would only get many views if you’re celebrities or public figures. But now I see a lot of ordinary people like students get millions views on their Youtube vlogs even though they just show their daily life… they don’t show no luxury life, but a lof of Youtube users find them interesting. :grinning: It’s amazing how good and authentic contents can be so rewarding.


sorry, i’ll get better

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Thank you for sharing Kelby :+1: :+1:

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I like the idea of linking everything to content that has been made for YouTube; it’s the only platform that is built around monetising your traffic and seems to be in a dominant position where trending social media platforms don’t usurp it.

Unless you have a product to sell (physical, shoutouts on IG, etc), and if you have a personality that can (in some way) become an asset or product, then treating everything else like a lead generator for YT is a good strategy.


Misery loves company :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On a more serious note, I think people like to connect. YouTube is TV for the 21st century, and there’s always a niche out there that will want to be friends with the personality they get to know on YouTube.