The problem I’m having with DC proxies


Hello, so I have gone through about two DC proxy providers and they both having this “issue” when I log into my accounts using the DC proxy it’s not giving me the exact location of the proxy. As seen in the image. When I login using my home IP it shows my location (Durban, KwaZulu-Natal) but when I connect my Proxy it shows nothing and also doesn’t actually show a location on the map, it’s just blue.


use residential or 4g proxies, why you still using DC proxies?


Are you trying to log in from your phone or automation software using the DC proxy?
When you are using the proxy, are you able to browse the Internet using Chrome or Safari?


If I do either, it still gives me the same thing. The proxy works, it’s just not showing a location on Instagram.

When I do an IP lookup on google, it shows the location etc. but when I login into Instagram it doesn’t. Not to sure why.

My only concern is that this might raise a few flags on Instagrams end and it’s an unknown location. When I login into my clients account they sometime get an email stating that there has been a login from an iPhone (my device) from an unknown location or from a Samsung phone (Jv) from an unknown location. It’s meant to say there has been a login from a certain location and then give that location.


If you really want your location to show, your best bet would be to ask your provider if that is a known issue. You said that you used different providers, maybe one of them can help. It has probably something to do with DC routing using the official IG app.

Have you tried doing the same on a 4G proxy?


I am using a 4G sim card and the location is showing just fine. I will contact proxy provider and see what they have to say


Okay my proxy provider gave me test proxies to try from a different location and everything worked fine. So i think its because of where they are located.


Yes, they might. Just be cautious and rest the account 24-48h before starting boting again with it


DC proxies were constantly giving me blocks.
I moved to 4g mobile several months ago.
You can find some good providers on this forum