The question of the ages

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to figure out what the best way to grow an account is nowadays. I’ve been poking around this forum for months and the longer I’ve been here the less I feel like I know lol.

I have a budget and want to grow a couple accounts 20k - 40k by the end of the year. Should I shoot for M/S , shout outs? story ads? All of those at once?

story ads its the way to go why ? because its cheaper and you 'll run it by yourself so you’ll learn a lot the in’s and out’s of the game unless you’ll run M/S by yourself which i doubt from you post and the shout out are good too especially if you’re willing to research for good influencers

You can grow accounts even 1m followers per day each if you have budget

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Just poor money to river and pray to god :slight_smile:


If you have the money and the knowledge, M/S is the best method to grow accounts.

I’d invest in M/S, if you have the budget you could grow exponentially with quality and consistent content. Story Ads work quite good for converting outside + brand awareness, but it’s hard to drive people into the app itself (unless you use a smart link to drive to the IG app) :thinking:.

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why you say so , story ads are being watchef inside the app so why he neefs all this he will judt choose the option bring peopke to profile ( i admit i’ve not ryn ads long time but this is how it was)

I’m not sure if it’s directly related to engagement rate drops but as of what I tested with ads, FB started to penalize my account’s reach. Story Ads CPA is low though (which is good), it depends on what you care.


i got you now you talking about the long run in my opinion as long as you’re in biz and making money you should invest & adapt &of course goals you can set your priorities

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