The reason why videos perform way better than pictures?

Whenever I post a photo I get about 1000-2500 Reach, but when it’s a video it reaches up to 150.000 accounts.

Why is the gap so enormous? I know that videos always perform better because they take up more time of the user, I’m baffled by the gap though.

Have you encountered similar situations?

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Not the case for me. I always have similar reach since they’re mostly from home of my followers. Where are your reach coming from for videos?

the same can be said to pictures…
it’s what the content is – some are viral material some are not. videos have more space on explore feed so they get just a little more exposure…

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@Cindy mainly from other and explore, some get a tons of comments, some tons of saves and other just get views with quite a few likes and comments and saves

@Alexnvo I repost pictures that went viral for others with a delay and post community features mixed with a little of OG content which aón average does best! But had pictures go viral too a few times.

I want to refer to this vid, I assume you’ve heard of it before

forget what vids tell ya ( i never believe them anyway)-- nobody know the reasons why IG does stuff – just do what you do and a post one more

@Alexnvo I tend to take such “educational” videos with a grain of salt too.

It makes sense, that platforms care more about how much time users spend on their app and if you can make them watch another video in that niche.

More time spent on it means better numbers for investors, right?

I post three-six times daily, so posting one more is probably not a good idea :smiley:

Instagram favors showing videos in other profiles’ feeds because videos naturally generate more engagement.

Not in general. but they keep a user engaged longer even if he isn’t that interested in it.

A picture you look at, like it and keep scrolling unless you’re really in love with it. a video you can watch for 20 seconds and then decide that you don’t even like it and move on.

Engagement time with the app > engagement on the post

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