The Reward of Beating Instagram Algorithm for Agencies

Although Instagram is getting a lot harder due to restrictions/blocks its already been re-iterated for these reasons

  • Encourage more users onto their native advertising (FB/IG ads especially story)

  • Prevent any loss of $$$ from outside sources that don’t pay Instagram

Remember there is a cycle to this because since more people are shifting towards native advertising, it will saturate creating more expensive costs per result/followers

This means that our game is offering a service that beats the result/earnings that native Instagram ads do for growing accounts.

At the moment I think we’re reaching a bottom of results/earnings due to these blocks but once we surpass them we’ll have less competition, more opportunities, and hopefully more clients cause I believe eventually the other side will be saturated too :slight_smile:


Yea and i think a lot of beginners will stop doing it right now. So less providers !


Beginners and experts alike are having massive issues. SV is completely dead on Jarvee. FUF is barely hanging on for some and dead for most.

If there are people consistently beating Ig right now, if love to meet them.


Lots of people are beating IG whether its Automation/SMM/E-Commerce

and not including just Facebook Ads

Its always been like this and every single method regardless comes with issues someday its just how resilient you are and how fast you can adapt to changes

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dude do you think that some 20-ish company - brand - agency using instagram ?

keep this equation in mind
saturation = agressive competition = big money
who will survive in this equation ?
only those whom are willing to take risks / learn fast / adapt /get creative solutions

if all folks here whom doing automation found a way to be more profitable via ads do you think they will stay on automation ? they’re in biz for money not for the love of automation

the cost of ads will rise more & more & be preparemd for it cus it will never ever go down
why because big fishes making big money and creating big needs for their own products/ services so only small fishes who will suffer


if costs of ads rises/more competition within Facebook Ads it means that theres going to be more demand for alternative services that bring better results.

I’m not saying that automation may be the better result/alternative service in the future but I’m personally staying on automation/diversifying for other opportunities because there will always be alternatives that get good results

if fb ads get high who will look for alternave ?

well to me both the ones who did not make it with fb but also the ones who want to diversify their strategies and we should never forget the role of optimization which is crucial and can make real big diffrence

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Everyone looks for an alternative because its diversifying your income

I never stay on one thing and put all my eggs in one basket you have to find different income streams which involve testing

Instagram/Facebook is trying to monopolize their app to keep all the money to them but that’s why we’re all doing stuff that’s beyond their native influence

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