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Hey Guys, I though I would make Shit List Topic for those to share their bad experiences with services, and products offered by different businesses. Warn others so they can avoid specific companies, business, or services.

Disclaimer: Remember these are peoples opinions which are based on their own experience. Also note that some problems may not actually be the companies fault rather the fault of the customer for not clearly understanding the service before they bough it, or were a pain in the ass. Take this information as a reference and not a final verdict.

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  • Provide detail, and if possible proof, or your reasoning

  • Be as honest and transparent as possible (Admit your faults if any)

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Its Recommended that you add a poll to your post so others can easily agree or disagree with your submission. This will make it easier for everyone to keep everyone accountable and the facts as accurate as possible.

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* Remove stars to provide your rating (The lowest rating is 1 star) * In the comments state why this business is in the shit list, and provide as much detail as possible.

Business Name: Proxy Million
Business Website: www.ProxyMillion.com
Service/Product Ordered: Dedicated Proxies (Limited To Social Media Websites)
Your Rating: :star: :star:
Comments: I personally used their service for 2 months. In this time frame I had a few problems. First, I had a few proxies go offline after a few days. After 10 days I had 37 proxies offline. I contacted support, and asked them to replace the 37 proxies. They replied stating they cannot replace the 37 proxies, instead they need to replace all the proxies I ordered. This is a big problem since I have all my IG accounts assigned to each proxy already. If I were to replace all of them, I would have to assign new proxies to each account, and then phone/email verify every single one (they were newer accounts). Not to mention the ban rate of the new accounts would be high. The second problem I had was the high ping rate of their proxies. On average it took ~ 20 seconds to login to each account, not to mention due to the high ping rate, my accounts were not following and or liking at a consistent pace. My third problem is not with ProxyMillion specifically, but with proxies which only work for social media accounts, and not other websites. Because of these restrictions, you cannot access IG help page for un-disabling your account (Thanks to @abbecain for contributing)

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Just a reminder : You can’t list Mass Planner here :blush:


Of course not! Thats why I created the :innocent: The Holy List :innocent:

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I think you mean, checking your IP in the embed browser for example? Yes that’s annoying, I do google.com (not blocked) and google “my IP” perhaps it would make sense to replace that “whats my IP” link in the embed browser?

I had not a very good experience with PM as well but they did give me a refund eventually after some slow responses and after sending some copy paste messages trying to keep me subscribed but I don’t have all that much to compare their service with since I am fairly new to the whole proxy game so take it for fwiw but I think your 2 star review is spot on.

Nice thread :wink:

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Yes, that is one of the issues due to them blocking everything other than social media accounts. There was still another thing regarding PV or something which did not work due to the proxies restricting a specific page. I honestly cannot remember though. Thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:

Thats good to hear they refunded you :slight_smile: I have been spoiled with proxies since I use to have expensive premium proxies which works for every website and their ping rate was always under 500ms. I could also swap out proxies which went offline individually myself without even contacting support. The process takes less than 5 min. So going from that to ProxyMillion was a complete culture shock.

Happy to hear you agree with my rating :slight_smile:

For instance, you cannot access IG help page for un-disabling your account.

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AH! That was it! That was the page I could not access! Thank you! It was driving me crazy.

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So as you know some proxies are limited to only working on social media sites. If you try to access other websites you will get an Access Denied error.

This being said, these types of proxies will not accept the Email Verify URL or IG Help Page when un-disabling your account.


Change the url links so they start with “https://www.”. These proxies require both the https and the www in order to access the pages!

(Only https) https://instagram.com/accounts/confirm_email/bJE/dmlFpbHNouY29t/?app_redirect=False WILL NOT WORK

(Only www) www.instagram.com/accounts/confirm_email/bJE/dmlFpbHNouY29t/?app_redirect=False WILL NOT WORK

(https + www) https://www.instagram.com/accounts/confirm_email/bJE/dmlFpbHNouY29t/?app_redirect=False WILL WORK

Try it and tell me if you were successful also!

Sorry if I sound super excited!


got no more social media only proxies left.

so strange if this really works :smiley:

nice find!

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I would have never guessed, @BrandonBerner!
Nice discovery :clap:

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Business Name: resvpn.com
Business Website: https://resvpn.com/
Rating: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:

This business doesn’t deserve any star at all, cause it doesn’t provide a bad service, Actually it doesn’t provide any service at all.
i bought a trial package from them (Thank God) worth 5$, i have been promised to be delivered my residential IP after 24 hours, for 5 days i keep struggling to get the service with no hope.

After contacting the support to give me the service i paid for, i received the strangest reply i could ever have,

“You should have received this, closing ticket. Thanks for choosing ResVPN.”

now i know they playing game with me, the trial package is to keep you waiting and then said “your trial has been ended”, i contacted them through PayPal, Guess what, they give me the service after one hour, now i know that these people are the real shit.

after i tried the ip through OpenVPN (Thier Recommendation), its not working at all, not even for one second.
i contacted PayPal again and i hope they could refund me. that’s it :slight_smile:

there is also paypal and email messages, if you need it as a proof i can provide


Hey @navarisun9630 Im sorry to hear about your troubles with ResVPN.com I absolutely hate it when support replies with these little short replies, and then closes the ticket. Its happened to me multiple times.

I wish you the best of luck & hope you can get your refund! I will stay clear of ResVPN and im sure anyone who reads this will also.

Thanks for sharing!


i have been refunded with paypal today


Hurray! Thats Great!

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I agree at 70%. I use these proxies since November, and as it was stated: there were very high ping and some of them were offline 12h out of 24h. BUT! It is 2 weeks since these problems are solved (kind of). Here is a screenshot, where you can see not bad ping and no failures for ~week. One day when I asked support to replace some of my proxies, that don’t work, they answered they can’t do it, only all proxies. I was very busy in this time IRL, so I just took a rest of IG and suddenly I have received an e-mail that ALL my proxies were replaced. Yes, my accs were on the way to be banned (and they are banned thou), but all new proxies were like that. Ping ~2000 and no proxies are offline. But omg, I’m tired of PV and other stuff, I still can’t afford good proxies, because I’m still on testing niches.
So: :star: :star: :star:/2
Don’t use proxymillion, guys.